Saturday Sundries (Sunday Edition)

Sooner or later I’ll this back on a Saturday… Until then, enjoy the most recent installment of Saturday Sundries! Now with more hyperlinks! Try to find them all!

Hot Dogs/Dollar Dog Nights – Arguably the greatest thing on earth. Wednesday nights at the Ballpark at Arlington. Watching my Rangers crush the Yankees. Eating hotdogs that cost me $1 a pop until I am a little bit ashamed. This is my kingdom of heaven on earth. Hot dogs are cheap, easy, fast, filling, and quickly consumed (the 2012 hot dog eating champion is Joey Chestnut, eating 68 hot dogs in 10 minutes). The legend of the hot dog eating contest is steeped in patriotism. These delicious treats are the heartbeat (and the heart-stoppers) of the United States of America. My perfect dog? Mustard, ketchup, and onions. My advice? Go to a dollar dog night with a beautiful girl in a sundress. Or, if you’re a girl, go to dollar dog night wearing a sundress with a handsome fella.


Movie Popcorn – When I go to the movies, I prepare myself every time to spend an estimated eighteen dollars. Five dollars for the ticket (Waco is a great place for movies) and eleven to thirteen dollars for popcorn and coke. Every time. It’s a beautiful routine. And I think we can all agree that there is something extra special about movie popcorn. Impossible to replicate and even more impossible to resist. As soon as you pull open that glass entrance door to the theater you’re smacked with the icy cold conditioned air and the warm scent of sometimes semi-stale movie popcorn. There’s a magic in the movies and there’s magic in the popcorn. At least I hope it’s magic and not some super secret, FDA-restricted additive that causes uncontrollable addiction. It’s definitely magic. My advice? Next time you have a free weekday, go to a movie by yourself. It’s even better when you know that when you leave, the sun will still be up. Don’t forget the popcorn and CocaCola.  Image

Paperback Books – HA! Just when you thought this would be an all food themed post (insert obligatory “food for thought” joke here). I love paperback books. The way they feel, the way they smell. I love everything about them. And yes, I do mean specifically paperback books. Don’t get me wrong, I like a good hardcover for collecting purposes, but if I want to sit down and really enjoy a good book, making it a paperback will most certainly help. I don’t like to beat them up too much (minimal spine cracking if possible), but I do appreciate the ability to fold the pages back so I can read while laying down and facing left or right. It’s the little things in life, right? My advice? GO READ A BOOK.

Current paperback read: (image of The Psychopath Test)


Chopsticks – I have pad thai in my refrigerator right now. It’s from a lunch I had with my friend Toph at Bangkok Royal the other day. They make my favorite pad thai in waco. Toph’s favorite is from Pei Wei. He says it’s more authentic to the stuff he had when he was in Thailand or Laos or China or one of the many countries he’s visited. He’s probably right. I still like Bangkok’s better. Shh. Don’t tell. Chopsticks! Am I a master at them? No. Could I catch a fly with them? No. Do I think my pad thai tastes better via chopsticks? ABSOLUTELY. Maybe it’s the work/reward ratio. Maybe it’s the wood taste. Maybe it’s all mental. I couldn’t pinpoint the exact reason for you. All I can say is that I relish a good set of chopsticks and some delicious pad thai. My advice? Go have lunch with a friend this week at his/her’s favorite restaurant. You don’t need a reason other than to just enjoy a meal together. Go on. Plan it now.


“It’s baseball season, sweetie. This is when boys like to hit balls with a stick when the snow melts. I don’t know why.” – Angela Montenegro, Bones


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